A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapters 28 and 29

“Andrew, this is a charming surprise!” Ethel’s heartfelt welcome soothed Andrew’s spirits, if partially, but he had not a mind to respond to her pleasantries with some of his own. “Are you wearing no coat?”, she went on. “You must be freezing. Please, do come in and sit by the fire.” He, obediently, followed his sister to her sitting room, still lost in his silence.


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Damn it! How many hotels were there in town? Andrew had lost the count. And how many were left for him to check? He was growing frantic. What if he couldn’t find Claire in any of them? No, that was not a possibility to contemplate: he would find her. She and her husband must be somewhere, they must! They couldn’t possibly be sailing towards England so soon, could they? Andrew prayed they weren’t.

He sighed as he approached another entrance: let this be the one!


Will Andrew find Claire in any of those hotels? You’ll find the answer here: A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 29. Make sure to read Chapter 28 first (link above), though.