A Series of (mildly) Unfortunate Events…

…have prevented me from keeping this WordPress blog updated:

  • In February, this happened to me,

I’ve been sick for the better part of February (I’m completely recovered by now, in case anyone is interested), so it was impossible for me to publish this chapter on time.

  • Ever since then, this other thing,

we’re approaching the ending of this story (only two more chapters to go, if everything goes according to plan), which means that I’m struggling more than my usual share, then straining a little, then procrastinating a little, then feeling horribly sad for a little, and in general not feeling like blogging.

  • And in between, I got distracted by all sorts of things.

I’m very sorry for having neglected this site for so long, I’m really ashamed of myself… Anyway, to end on a good note, now you have two chapters (yes, you read that right, TWO) to make up for your long wait :D. Links in my next post… 😉


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