A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 26

First of all…
Claire, Andrew, Ethel, Jack, Caroline and little Becky desire me to wish you all…

And now, on with Chapter 26


Geoffrey kept staring at the void in the room, not quite believing his eyes. He felt the anger building up inside his chest. “How could you let this happen?”, he shouted at his butler, but only received a blank glance in response. The fool of a man! His wife had disappeared, and he didn’t even had an inkling about the affair? Even that old nitwit she kept for a maid had gone, for heaven’s sake! This was intolerable! Servants were not people to be trusted. “You’re presently dismissed.” The butler muttered some apologies and was gone.


Care to learn more about this Geoffrey character? I can’t blame if you don’t, but if you are brave enough, then head over Moonlight and Sims: Blogger, and discover all theres is to know about him and how he relates to Claire.


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