A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 23


*WARNING: This chapter is best understood along with Chapter 22. You’ll see why once you start reading ;-).



Andrew was having a hard time concentrating on those papers. Not that he minded in the least to have Claire’s gorgeous eyes fixed upon him, but they were unbearably distracting. Besides, she kept staring at him in a way that wasn’t at all like her. For a fleeting moment, her mind seemed so approachable, so close to him, as if she was about to tell him something important.

He thought he heard her sigh, and the next time he stole a glance at her, she was again bearing that familiar expression of hers, her sight lost in some remote place. He had yet to decide whether this sudden change reassured or annoyed him.


I bet you want to read the whole chapter. You can do so over at Moonlight and Sims: Blogger.


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