Book Review #3: The Shuttle, by Frances Hodgson Burnett


The Shuttle revolves around a wealthy American girl (Rosy Vanderpoel) who marries a ruined English baronet (Sir Nigel Anstruthers), not giving enough thought to the matter.

When she goes to live with him at his estate, she is immediately confronted by the dire reality awaiting her. The reality of a marriage that might prove to be the opposite of what she had expected it to be. She is sweet and he is a brute; she is naive and he is a miser. The outcome of it all is that she gets constantly bullied by her husband, who makes no effort whatsoever to hide the fact that he’s merely interested in having her support him financially.

But everything changes when her younger sister Betty Vanderpoel comes to pay her a visit, suspecting that something is amiss, on the grounds of her having being estranged from his family for some twelve years. Betty is obviously shocked—yet not completely surprised—by the kind of miserable life Rosy and her son lead.


You can read the whole review on Moonlight and Sims: Blogger.


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