A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 21


The morning following his outing with Claire and the children, Andrew woke up feeling exhilarated, and he had the inkling his lovely assistant had everything to do with such happiness. Her reserve, which she sometimes seemed to exert at random, was most puzzling and irritating, it was true, but for the most part she had been showing of late more freedom in her dealings with him; and now the only lingering memory was the taste of her sweet lips as he kissed her and she embraced him. How many things he would have told her the previous evening if she but had given him a chance.

If only Caroline hadn’t interrupted them at the worst possible moment…! Asking Claire whether she would marry him…! He chuckled despite himself, and shook his head. That kid, bless her! She reminded him so much of her mother. And, quite honestly, the thought of marrying Claire wasn’t al all unpleasant. Yes, so many things he would love to tell her; but the wall she had built around herself was still too thick. His smile dropped. He wondered if her always wearing those widow’s weeds had anything to do with the matter; but he couldn’t very well tell her to stop wearing them, could he? Curiously enough, she didn’t strike him as the kind of woman who would strictly observe those customs. If only those two years of full mourning were already over. He smiled again as he imagined how beautiful she would look dressed in brighter colours.


You can read the whole chapter over at Blogger.


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