A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 16


“But, Ethel…” Claire gasped, not believing her eyes at what was spread across the guests’ bed. “Do you really expect me to wear… that?”


“Sure. Why not?” Ethel’s answer was as straightforward as usual. “It’s the perfect outfit for riding. And what’s the point of having you over for the weekend if we can’t go and have some fun? Besides, I’ve chosen the darkest one I own. You won’t mind not wearing black for a while, will you?”


Claire’s mind revolted. “But those are slacks. Women don’t wear slacks.”


Ethel shrugged. “Who says so? Times are changing. In the future trousers might even become the preferred garment for females as well as males. Jack always keeps me informed of all the new acts that are being passed by the Government, and I have an inkling the twentieth century is going to prove great for women.”


Read the whole chapter HERE.


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