A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 14

“I’ve had the most wonderful idea,” Ethel proclaimed enthusiastically as both she and Claire were finishing their tea. “I may already have told you about the women’s association in which I take part.” Claire nodded her agreement. “Well, each year we prepare a small recital for Founder’s Day. It’s nothing too fancy, just some small entertainment for our neighbourhood to enjoy themselves.” Founder’s Day? Ethel must have sensed Claire’s blank expression, because she immediately offered a more detailed explanation. “That’s our local festivity, in case you don’t know.” Claire nodded again, in anticipation for what Ethel wanted to tell her. “And we’d be delighted to have you there. How would you feel about playing some of your music? Do you think you can find some time to spare us? I’m sure it would be a fun distraction for you, and I miss so much to hear you play.”


Read the whole chapter HERE.


5 thoughts on “A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 14

  1. Hi Marta!!! Hope I don’t sound superficial, but I just had to come look for you because I really liked your comment on my story. It gives me more motivation to continue doing just what I’m doing.
    Then, I saw the title to your story and I have already subscribed to your blogger. I will be coming back here on my free time to read your story, the synopsis hooked me. 😀
    You speak Spanish well? I saw you have chapters in Spanish. I ask because I’m Hispanic, and is always a great pleasure to meet fellow Hispanics. Anyway, have a good day!

    • Superficial? No, why would I deem that superficial? Let’s better say you were “curious” ;), and curiosity is usually a good thing :D. I meant what I said, I really like your stuff.

      Oh, did it? I’m not very good at writing synopses, but I’m glad you liked it enough to have you hooked.

      Hmm, well… I’d say I speak it “a little”… hmmm… LOL No, I’m kidding, it IS my native language. Actually it’s English that I don’t speak well, but… *rolls eyes*

      I think I read somewhere or other you saying you’re Cuban? I’m not Hispanic myself, I’m a Spaniard. Have a good day too! 🙂 Or afternoon, or evening, hmm… whatever LOL.

      • I liked the synopsis yes. Perhaps because the story is about a woman who is running from a past we don’t know about… there is something mysterious, and I love mystery. ^^
        I will definitely be coming by to read it. 🙂

      • Well, I hope it won’t disappoint you… After a few chapters it’s not so mysterious any more ;). Oh, and you did see I answered your question, right? 😀

      • Yes I saw. My sister is living in Spain at the moment, but looking to move soon to another country, she has been around hahaha. I’m not the type to take on an adventure like that, Ill rather stay here where I have lived for 18 years now.

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