A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 12


*WARNING: This chapter is super-short, and I’ll give you one word: CORNY! Besides, it has no flashbacks :-P.


 Claire had no idea what was happening. The only thing she knew was that Dr. Stuart’s arms were all over her body, and his lips were touching hers. A man’s lips were touchins hers! She was terrified at first of what she thought was an attack on his part, and her initial reaction was to clench her hands into fists trying to fight him back. But, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, he wasn’t hurting her. His grip was firm but not harsh, not unrelenting. And he was kissing her! She had never had a man kiss her before; that soft skin was caressing her in a way she couldn’t describe, and that tickling sensation in her mouth was scary but not wholy unpleasant. Her breath became labored and she felt like crying for the first time in years.

 Read the whole chapter HERE.


5 thoughts on “A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 12

  1. I was so excited when I saw you posted a new chapter tonight! You do a really good job of putting yourself in Claire’s poor shoes… 😦 Pleasure and pain are inextricably linked for her, though I hope Dr. Stuart mends this over time. I can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

    • Were you? Wow, Thanks 🙂 It’s quite difficult (in more ways than one) to understand Claire’s feelings and her take on “normal” things, so I’m glad you think I did a good job at that; rest assured, though, this is not based on anything remotely personal, I just have an active imagination ;).

      Hopefully, Andrew will be able to mend her poor heart.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

    • Would you? Wow, thanks so much, I’m honoured! I’ve been following your blog for some months and I love it :D.

      I’m afraid I don’t :(. I’ve never been active on the forums or the exchange, so I never saw the need to make myself one. I already knew the thread, but thanks for the link, anyway :).

      • I can still create a page, and I hope to feature the story today, it is so eloquent and I love that the setting is in the past! Personally, I only utilize the ‘Stories and Legacies’ forum, as I feel it is the one part of the Sims 3 website where you can count on other members really being supportive. Meanwhile, have a great day!

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