A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 09

*WARNING: This chapter contains explicit sexual content, violence and some very disturbing issues.
*EXTRA WARNING: This chapter is a bit picture-heavy, sorry about that.
After two days of intermittent showers, the sun was shining again, so Claire started feeling a little better. Her pain had subsided, and that’s why she had willingly accepted Ethel’s invitation to spend the afternoon with her.
The maid had shown her the way to Ethel’s backyard, and after a few steps, Claire found herself in a garden beautifully arranged, surrounded by a set of bushes of red and pink flowers. She would have reveled in the lavishness of it all for a while longer, but she was immediately greeted by the children’s sharp cries of joy at seeing her. Caroline was in a make-believe pirate ship in the form of a tree house, while Becky contented herself with running to and fro in the vicinities of the trunk as fast as her chubby legs would allow her.
Read the whole chapter HERE.

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