A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 05

*WARNING: This chapter contains references to some disturbing and sensitive issues.
Claire had been looking at those painkillers for a while now. Did she really want to do it? Was her 17th birthday going to be her last? She didn’t even know how many it would take to… Would three times her normal dose do the trick? She began pacing the room again. Restless, desperate. One step forward, one step back. She felt braver one minute, weaker the next.
Suddenly, she felt so dizzy she had to sit down. Her hands trembled violently as she covered her face in them. Ever since that day she had barely touched food, or ventured out of bed, even. Her body might be in a terrible condition, but at least her mind was strong, or so she kept repeating herself. This was the moment to make her decision. Would she end it all or not?


Read the whole chapter HERE.


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