A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 04

That Sunday Claire’s heart was as bright as the morning itself. She had arranged with Ethel and the children to an outing to the beach, and she was excited because it had been years she had last gone picnicking. She decided she would walk, and as she rejoiced in the sunrays caressing her face, her mind began to wander about all the things that had happened to her the last two weeks she had been working for Dr. Stuart. She had a job, -a real job-, patients were beginning to trust her, and for the first time in her life she felt needed. It was strange that people were actually seeking someone as undeserving as herself, she just hoped they wouldn’t get disappointed in her in the end.

As for Dr. Stuart, she didn’t know what to make of him yet. Undoubtedly, of all the men she had met in her life, he had been the one to treat her the gentlest, but then again, what did she know? It could perfectly mean that in this country, men’s approaches were different when they wanted to be in a woman’s good graces; she only knew that his kindness made her weary, and most probably his attitude towards her would change the minute she made her first mistake.


Read the whole chapter HERE.


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