A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 03

Andrew got up from bed with his usual energy. As his work was very demanding he always made a point of being well rested to face each day. He washed, put on his working clothes and went downstairs to eat his breakfast before opening the clinic.
He had agreed to meet his sister’s friend today, and he wasn’t sure it had been a good idea. It was true he could use some help in the clinic, he had been thinking about hiring someone for a while now, but…, a woman? Of course, he didn’t know that much about women. Since his mother had died when he was but a little boy, Ethel and a couple of failed relationships was all that he knew about the “gentler sex”; well, that and his female patients, but he imagined that he couldn’t pass a very fair judgment on the frailty of women in as strenuous a situation as going to the doctor when you’re sick.

Read the whole chapter HERE.


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