A Pair of Brown Eyes: Prologue

Parker was not Claire’s real name. How could she keep forgetting it? Her mother’s maiden name had provided her with a good alias to protect her true identity, but had made her emotional life a mess. That very evening everything had come to her again, to the fullest. Why did Andrew have to say such things to her? …But don’t worry, I would never think of replacing your late husband in your estimation. He had to use those words precisely, didn’t he? They were torturing her the most. Of course she regretted what she had answered him, but then again, what else could she have said? And most importantly, what would she do next? Should she go away again? She could go to a place where no one knew her and had no claim on her. Now, at least, she felt more confident in her own strength than ever before. And yet…


Read the whole chapter HERE.


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